Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Amino Acid Proline-the New Key to Strong Teeth

Gregory Sawyer, D.C.

Researchers have recently discovered that proline is the amino acid that makes human teeth strong and resilient. A new research, done at University of Illinois at Chicago (College of Dentistry) may offer clues on the ability to engineer new tooth enamel. Tom Diekwisch (the lead author of the study) states: "Proline repeats are amazing. Proline is repeated in the center of proteins found in tooth enamel. When the repeats are long, such as in humans, they contract groups of molecules that help enamel crystals grow. When the repeats are short, such as in frogs, teeth don't have the enamel prisms that provide strength, the researchers explained. Proline repeats hold the key to understanding the structure and function of many natural proteins, including mucins, antifreeze proteins, Alzheimer's amyloid and prion proteins. We hope that one day these findings will help people replace lost parts of the tooth enamel with a healthy layer of new enamel. But the benefits may extend well beyond teeth. We hope that our findings will help many other important areas of scientific research, including the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases." Obviously the above research and findings could someday help scientists engineer tooth enamel.
In the Meantime, Few Healthy Teeth Tips:
1. Pass on the sweets. Too much sugar can cause cavities, yellowing of the teeth and other problems.
2. Brush every morning and night. The rewards are well worth it.
3. Stop smoking. Despite that can be tough for many of you, it's important for your teeth and important for your whole body health.
4. Try to minimize coffee or wine consumption. Drinking a cup of coffee early in the morning is not such a bad habit--just you might want to reconsider cups N 2, 3, and 4. The same rule of immoderacy is related to wine consumption too.
5. Floss regularly. Often times small pieces of food are trapped between your teeth and manage to evade the tooth brush. Eliminate them with regular dental floss.
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